Monday, January 24, 2011

Why Obama's Presidency Failed: The Book that Got It Right

Dr. Kevin Barrett's book Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters explains, in straightforward language backed by hundreds of references, why Obama's presidency was doomed from the start...unless his base forced him to declare peace.

Just about everyone - left or right, Democrat or Republican - admits that Obama has been a disappointment. Republicans say he's too liberal. Democrats say he's too conservative. Both say he's a wimp.

But the real reason Obama's presidency failed can be summed up in three words: "War on Terror."

The USA is still "at war." But this war makes no sense. Trillions, perhaps tens of trillions, of dollars have been wasted fighting an imaginary enemy.

Obama inherited a nation driven insane, a nation quixotically at war with an abstract noun. He failed to end that war in the only way it could be ended: by declaring it a hoax, a farce, and a fraud. Had he done so - and had he revealed that 9/11 was an elaborate publicity stunt, not a real enemy attack - he would have had a peacetime presidency and plenty of money to make it a success. Instead, he is headed for the dunghill of history. And so is his country...unless its citizens wake up and take it back.

To order Questioning the War on Terror, paypal $15 to, or send a check to Khadir Press, POB 221, Lone Rock, WI 53556

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The first edition, published in July 2009, sold out in six months. This new, updated second edition features 20 pages of all-new material covering developments in late 2009 and 2010.

Dr. Kevin Barrett has lectured on "Questioning the War on Terror" in New York, California, Illinois, and Wisconsin. To book a lecture, email kbarrett*AT*merr*DOT*com.

"The least boring public speaker I have ever seen!" -Dr. Tom King, Professor of English, Sacramento, California; organizer, The Peace Pyramid

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